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(PECL xdiff >= 0.2.0)

xdiff_string_patchPatch a string with an unified diff


xdiff_string_patch ( string $str , string $patch , int $flags = ? , string &$error = ? ) : string

Patches a str string with an unified patch in patch parameter and returns the result. patch has to be an unified diff created by xdiff_file_diff()/xdiff_string_diff() function. An optional flags parameter specifies mode of operation. Any rejected parts of the patch will be stored inside error variable if it is provided.



The original string.


The unified patch string. It has to be created using xdiff_string_diff(), xdiff_file_diff() functions or compatible tools.


flags can be either XDIFF_PATCH_NORMAL (default mode, normal patch) or XDIFF_PATCH_REVERSE (reversed patch).

Starting from version 1.5.0, you can also use binary OR to enable XDIFF_PATCH_IGNORESPACE flag.


If provided then rejected parts are stored inside this variable.

Return Values

Returns the patched string, or false on error.


Example #1 xdiff_string_patch() example

The following code applies changes to some article.

$diff $_SERVER['patch']; /* Let's say that someone pasted a patch to html form */

$errors '';

$new_article xdiff_string_patch($old_article$diffXDIFF_PATCH_NORMAL$errors);
if (
is_string($new_article)) {
"New article:\n";

if (
strlen($errors)) {
"Rejects: \n";


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