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(PECL mongo >=0.9.0)

MongoCollection::createDBRefCreates a database reference


public MongoCollection::createDBRef ( mixed $document_or_id ) : array



If an array or object is given, its _id field will be used as the reference ID. If a MongoId or scalar is given, it will be used as the reference ID.

Return Values

Returns a database reference array.

If an array without an _id field was provided as the document_or_id parameter, null will be returned.


Example #1 MongoCollection::createDBRef() example


$playlists $db->playlists;

// create a reference to a song
$manamana $songs->findOne(array('title' => 'Ma na ma na'));
$refToSong $songs->createDBRef($manamana);

// add the reference to my playlist
$playlists->update(array('username' => 'me'), array('$push' => array('songlist' => $refToSong)));


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